Tuesday, October 7, 2008

a.k.a. Tokwa't Baboy

This meal (actually, its like a merienda to us.. :P) is very memorable... (lolz!) There is only one house wherein we can eat this meal... (kina Ma'am Jallen!) hehe.. joke lang! Ate Doya, the canteen manager in San Francisco De Malabon Parochial School (Wow, ha! Ate Doya sikat ka na ngayon! haha!) can also make this. I even remember that whenever a teacher of SFDMPS celebrates his/her birthday, we always have this. Well, aside from the cake and ice cream (everyone's favorite! double dutch! yummy!) provided by the school! haha! How I missed it! I mean THEM! Not just the food! lolz! :p

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